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  • Dendensha Cameras & Gifts

    Dendensha Cameras & Gifts All kinds of items to help you enjoy everyday life. Shop information Address 7-1003-1 Furumachi-dori Tel 025-228-0786 Closed Sunday

  • Kitanokazoku, Niigata store

    Kitanokazoku, Niigata store Creative Japanese izakaya dining using produce from Hokkaido and Tohoku. Shop information Address 7-998-1 Furumachi-dori, B1F Tel 025-225-7701 Closed Open every day

  • Wagen

    Wagen Stocks a wide array of local Niigata textiles. Shop information Address 7-934 Furumachi-dori Tel 025-222-5678 Closed Tuesday, 2nd & 3rd Wednesday

  • Fujiya Bakery, Furumachi main store

    Fujiya Bakery, Furumachi main store A specialty bakery founded in 1924. Shop information Address 6-978 Furumachi-dori Tel 025-229-2941 Closed Wednesday

  • Satosen main store

    Satosen main store A small Japanese confectionery store in Shimomachi 13-bancho, Niigata. Shop information Address 13-2850-1 Furumachi-dori Tel 025-228-9234 Closed January 1

  • Mizukian Kanemakiya

    Mizukian Kanemakiya A long-established Japanese confectionery store originally founded in 1871. Shop information Address 3-650 Furumachi-dori Tel 025-222-0202 Closed Open every day

  • hickory 03 travelers

    hickory 03 travelers Selling Niigata souvenirs, miscellaneous goods, and designer items. Shop information Address 3-556 Furumachi-dori Tel 025-228-5739 Closed Monday (open if national holiday, then closed the following day)

  • Miura

    Miura Course meals are available—enjoy some sophisticated moments. Shop information Address 9-1541 Nishiborimae-dori Tel 025-222-6110 Closed Sunday, national holidays

results 102 1 to 8